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Best server for newer players, or existing players looking for a changeup...

Quantum Gate Game Server
(different quantum realities each 3 months)

Ascended Game Server
(ascend in Main Server for Access)

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Casualties of Gate Wars, last 24 hours: 1,116,229,929

Game Description In a free, turn based, non-resetting, massive multiplayer 100% web based online verse, fight as one of the races that have discovered and utilized the gate system (OR CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN RACE!), in constant battle for the control of the cosmos.
Use all means at your disposal -income, attack, defence, covert, ascension, politics, weaponry, motherships, planets, protection, alliances, commander&officers, etc, etc...
Be wary though, as thousands of others will be trying to conquer you!
The choices are many, the dangers great, the possibilities endless.
Come experience the GateWars realm, community, grief and victories! You will never look at your keyboard the same again....

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